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Prefab Outdoor Fireplaces For Your Home

Prefab outdoor fireplaces are units that have an interior that is constructed out of a metal box. The box inside the fireplace sports a double wall to keep the exterior of cool, while continuing to contain the heat inside. The exterior of prefab fireplaces have refractory panels; these cast panels host the appearance of traditional firebrick in many instance.

Some prefab outdoor fireplaces depend upon convection for heat while others are equipped with blowers that help to circulate the air between the outer and inner fireplace walls.  Many are sold with extensive warranties too.  For more information visit


Adobelite sells Kiva Sante Fe prefab outdoor fireplaces.  These zero clearance fireplaces have a number of benefits associated with their installation and use.  The Sante Fe prefab outdoor fireplaces can burn ceramic gas logs or wood.  The fireplace does not require any special footing for stability.  These units are very easy to install and they can even be installed on a second floor.  The interior of these prefab outdoor fireplaces is semi-circular in terms of design and it is firebricked.  For more information visit

Contempo Fireplaces

The prefab outdoor fireplaces sold by Contempo Fireplaces are attractive since they are hand laid masonry fireplaces.  Like the Sante Fe models, these fireplaces can burn ceramic gas logs or wood, do not require special footing for stability, and they are great units for new or existing homes.  The interior of this unit differs however, in that it has a Herringbone refractory lined interior instead of firebrick.  You can get this unit in one of three different interior colors, and it can also be installed on the second floor of a home. 
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MantelsDirect has gas prefab outdoor fireplaces with different finishes and styles.  The prefab fireplaces offered by this company can be installed in a number of different places, and you do not need any venting to install them.  The fireplaces are crafted out of stainless steel, making them resistant to corrosion. The company sells fireplace inserts and wall mounted prefab outdoor fireplaces. You can shop by size, price, manufacturer, and category.  The company also sells fire pits, bowls, pit tables, pit rings, chimeneas, and outdoor gel fuel.  For more information visit offers free information about prefab outdoor fireplaces.  You can get tips on how to choose a fireplace design or how to choose between a wood or gas burning stove.  You are offered advice about fireplace placement, seating considerations and you can find out more about scale and size.  For more information visit

Acucraft Fireplace Systems

Acucraft Fireplace Systems specializes in the sale of indoor fireplaces as well as prefab outdoor fireplaces.    The company has wood burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and they offer custom made fireplaces too.  You can get linear units that can beautify a patio area, and you can read up on articles so you can learn if you can benefit from a factory built fireplace or fireplace insert.  For more information visit